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Comhaltas Membership

Comhaltas membership is mandatory. If you are already a member of another comhaltas membership, you do not need to pay again.

One-to-one Classes

This must be a number!

Music/Singing (Excluding One-to-one)

E.g. Two Singing and one Music is Three classes



So, for Comhaltas membership, unless you are registered with another branch, you must register with us, and how it works is – €6 for a Juvenile, €12 for an Adult, and €20 for a family – this is an annual and universal membership fee. For the classes, we do two 12-week terms and work off the following table;Fees.pngSample Fees Calculation2 students in family taking two music/singing classes each = €2521 student in family taking a one-to-one music class = €1803 students in family taking set dancing classes = €115Annual Comhaltas Membership (Family) = €20Total = €567