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*Our classes now take place online due to Covid-19.*

Among other things, our Comhaltas branch provides lessons for those interested in traditional music, song and dance. Our experienced teachers can bring you or your child from the very first note or step, to a Fleadh Competition at County, Provincial or National level.  The lessons take place once a week, from September to Easter. Register here.

We recommend that generous amounts of practice are done between lessons to ensure that the best possible progress is made.  Above all, music, song and dance are for enjoyment and we encourage the fun and participation side of it, through the events we run within the branch.

Here are some FAQs including our Tuition and Registration Fees.


So, tell me more about the classes!

Well, we host our classes on Tuesday evening. Registration and Fees can now be completed online in the comfort of your own home – just click here. We have top-class award-winning teachers and we cater for Tin Whistle, Flute, Fiddle, Button Accordion, Concertina, Guitar, and Piano. We also organize Traditional Singing and Set Dancing classes, and like our music classes, these are open to ALL ages and standards.

How long are the classes?

All classes are 30 minutes in duration. Instrument classes are single-instrument group classes aimed at improving musical technique and developing styles.  We also offer the Grúpa Ceoil class where all instruments of a certain standard (non-beginner) meet to practice group playing, play shared tunes and have some fun with other students – some of these tunes will have already been taught in the instrument classes. One-to-one classes can also be requested

What standard am I and what will I need to bring?

You really don’t need to worry about standard! If you haven’t learned any music before, our teachers will take you right from the first note. If you have done some music before, we just ask that you play a tune for one of us on the first morning of classes. For the classes, you just need to bring a plastic folder book and your instrument – starter whistles can simply be bought in music shops (just make sure they’re in the key of D). As instruments are expensive, we strongly advise that you contact us when buying a new instrument.

What are the branch’s fees and registration?

We now have one fee which includes your tuition and registration with Comhaltas. For a 12-week term, one class is €75, two classes are €140, three are €200, then €255 for four,  and €300 for five.

What else has the branch planned for the year?

Well, as regards the classes we aim to hold a Christmas session and an Easter concert for all the extended family, neighbours and friends to come to see the students show-off what they’ve learnt – it’s a fantastic experience for them to play for an audience and it teaches them why we learn tunes off by heart etc. We also hope to have some entries for local Feiseanna and for the Cork Fleadh in May, with entrants hopefully progressing to Munster or even All-Ireland level! And don’t forget the highlight of our year – The Maurice O’Keeffe Festival – Easter Weekend! Click here for more information.

What time is my class on?

The timetable for our classes is constructed once we’ve received all the registrations and will be emailed to you. We try our best to have families timetabled at the same time and to timetable students who are taking more than one class so that they’ve no gaps. However, we are extremely restricted when you consider we have 7 teachers in 4-and-a-half rooms, attempting to accommodate families together, ensuring teachers don’t have gaps in their timetable, avoiding clashes with Taekwondo and Horse-riding, etc. etc. Of course, you can request certain times in your registration but it will restrict us further and we may not be able to accommodate you. Preference will be giving to those families coming from furthest away.

So, is there anything else that I need to know?

We have a few branch rules that we have developed to help the running of the classes. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of practice at home – the more practice a student gets, the better they become, and we ask parents to help as much as they can. All students need to be supervised at all times while on the school grounds, so unfortunately we can’t allow for students to be left at the school before or after classes without a parent. Also, we don’t allow parents to sit in on classes. If there is a particular reason for which you need to sit in on a class, you can contact the branch prior to the class. Please do not approach individual teachers. However, circumstances are different with one-to-one classes. Finally, we sincerely ask parents to contact us as soon as possible if there are any issues at any point during the year.

Still have questions?

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Check out this video of our Launch Night in September 2014.



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